happy friday.


hi friends!  i hope you have a wonderful weekend.  i'll be working a ton, but we're having some house guests!  today i have ran lots of errands, did some baking and have been tidying up.  it's kind of hot here ... boo.  but, it's feeling like fall in my house.  i'm sure it smells like it too since i've baked some pumpkin muffins and have a fall festival candle burning, but i have a stuffy nose so it's hard to tell.

if you live in the springfield area you should come out and support sean lea's new cd release.  sean is my husband's bff and was in the band michael used to be in.  he'll be playing at NuBrew coffee tonight at 7:30.

ok, back to cleaning for me.


  1. I wish it smelled like fall in my house! haha. Pumpkin muffins are the best. Have a wonderful evening!

  2. mmm pumpkin muffins are my favorite