i'm going to be all sappy...


my husband is an amazing man.  he surprises me often at just how amazing he is. we've been married a little over a year now and i find new things i love about him all the time.  marriage is pretty awesome.  i'm so proud to wear my little rings on my left hand. i love what these rings mean.  someone can look at my hand and know i belong to a special boy.  oh, that boy.  i'm a happy wife.  it's still fun to say "wife" and i love calling him "husband"... i usually answer my phone that way when he calls... "hey husband!" so fun to say.  i just love being married, really.

sidenote:  the bottom photo with "i love your smile" is in a little book i made.  michael proposed by putting all these cute little reasons why he loves me in black ring boxes. there were a lot.  let me tell you... by the time i opened them all i felt VERY loved and could barely walk because i was shaking/crying/emotional... he's such a romantic.  anyways, we used the book as our guest journal and i'll always cherish it and the sweet things our friends/family wrote to us on our wedding day.


  1. You guys are too cute. This makes me extremely excited for marriage!

  2. Oooo I love this! Isn't marriage the best thing ever?! I love being married!

    p.s. I grabbed your button!

  3. this is so precious!
    i love being married, too. :)


  4. aww haley... :)

    mandy... thanks. i appreciate that!

    lydia: marriage is wonderful.