life before noon.

it can be hard to be motivated to get up and get around on my days off.  days off around here are frequent (i'm not complaining) but i can get lazy/bored at times.  this is how my days have been lately before noon.  i wake up and michael is already up... so i move to his side of the bed (i like it better) and when he's about to leave i'll get up to say bye.  then, i get ready for the day.  the view out of our bathroom makes me kind of sad every. single. day.  our gorgeous tree won't be there much longer.  it's dead and we don't want it falling on our house.  next, i tidy up... put away dishes, start a load of laundry.  then, millie and i take a walk around the neighborhood... she usually takes me on the walk.  we're working on it.  my favorite part is sitting in the backyard.  she plays and i sit and read my Bible on our little bench.  after that i like to catch up on blogs, facebook, twitter... ya know.  and that's it.  *exciting, i know.  today i even managed to watch a movie before noon (new in town)... now, i need to put away laundry.  laundry is my least favorite and i'm pretty good about letting it pile up.  and i need to go return anna's camera we borrowed for michael's class project.  i'm crossing my fingers i'll get one for my birthday, but it might not come until christmas.  it's fine either way. :)


*this post was more for my benefit to stay motivated and stick to a semi-normal routine...i know not everyone really cares what i do step-by-step each day. :)


  1. Love your door with the fall display. lucky. i want a door to a house. {living in an apartment sucks.}

  2. thanks. :) we lived in a loft apartment for a year and i would have been afraid to leave anything on our door there. it would have been gone in a day probably.