things are changing.

i liked using "fancy face" as my blog name.... but, i found out there was another blog named that and there's a big make-up line called fancy face as well.  this blog is about my life as a young, married girl... and the love i have for my wonderful God.  i had my itunes on random play this morning as i was cleaning and it really hit me how so much changes in every season, but God is still my same loving God.  He is constant in every season of my life.  i want to praise Him in everything i do and say... including my life and here on this little blog that i've grown so fond of keeping up with.  i'm a big fan of hillsong united and brooke fraser.

the desert song was my inspiration.

All of my life In every season
You are still God
I have reason to sing
I have a reason to worship


  1. This is beautiful! It also reminds me of the song Every Season by Nicole Nordeman.

  2. I love these words that you wrote... so encouraging. And thank you for all your sweet words lately... you're such a kind friend :)

  3. ana- i used to listen to nicole nordeman ALL the time. i didn't even think of that!

    paige- girl, you're an encouragement as well!

  4. hi! i'm loving your blog :) i was just listening to brooke frasier's new cd this morn. mmm, mmm, good. love the desert song too.

    oh! & i'm so jealous you live close enough to actually go to red velvet! BAH! that would be a dream of mine. be sure to take pictures next time :) xo