maggie hope.


ok, remember how i said my "baby fever" was going to be put on hold? well, that's kind of hard to do when you hold a sweet little baby girl. i went over to my friend's house today. she is pretty much my hero. :) we've talked about births and such a little, but today i heard all of her birth stories. she has five. she is such a good momma! 

here's the short version of maggie's arrival:
maggie was born last saturday and i've already mentioned i was a little bummed that i wasn't there. our life group did a surprise yard makeover for them and brittany was having contractions when everyone arrived, but hid it.  she called her midwife and let her know and brittany said her midwife just laughed when she got there and saw what was going on. as the day went on she went into full labor and had the baby while a group of friends were working in the yard, kids were running around and loud machines were going. her daughter, emma, stayed in the room with her which i think is SO precious. brittany said emma kept whispering "will you tell us when you're going to push?" i've seen the business of being born a couple of times now, but hearing about a natural (home) birth from a real friend is just so special. i pray to have wonderful birth experiences to share and cherish someday. i got some great advice today!

brittany talked about wanting to start a blog and i think she should. you would read... right?? five adorable kids... a stay at home mom (and dad working from home).. homeschooling.. and a real passion for Jesus. so, brittany... just do it already! you would be much better at sharing your birth story. ;)

*picture from the day maggie was born, borrowed from brittany's facebook.


  1. i would so read!
    tell her to get on it. :)

  2. I would definitely read, and I TOTALLY told you that you were not cured. I am waiting for a birth announcement in the mail :)