pumpkin patch.

we took the kids to the wilson-rutledge farm. they loved it. kadi had to help me find the PERFECT pumpkin. i think we looked at every. single. pumpkin. it would have been nice if the weather was a little cooler (it was in the 80's not feeling very fallish). it was so good to spend time with my sister & her kids, my mom, and aunt. they need to head to springfield more often (and i should probably go back home more, too). i loved spending the day with them, but i'm still a little bummed i wasn't at my friends house. i think i'll share that story after i go meet little maggie this week. it's a good one!!!

funny story: we saw a little baby at the farm (it's no secret that i have a little "baby fever" going on) and my sister was like "awww it's a baby". i told her she needs to have another so we can be pregnant together. and my niece (who just turned five) said very matter-of-fact-like "she can't because she's taking no-baby-pills." it was hilarious.

happy sunday!


  1. aww, hahah. i love when little kids says "the darndest things."
    that's so funny!
    after my wedding, when we were all doing family and friend pictures, my little sister chloe, announced to everyone that we would be going to the hospital the next day to have our baby.
    we weren't pregnant...someone is just a little confused on how things work. hahah. :)

  2. Hello there: I willlearn how to post a comment one of these days. I wrote one just now and it got lost some where out there. I just love the pictures of the great grand kids. I think you do such a good job of writing and making pictures. If you want some made out of wood all you have to do is get me a pattern and I will make it for you. I still have all my tools and they need to be used and I need to get useful again you know. Well keep up the good work and I will see you Thanks Giving. Love you

  3. I think pumpkin picking is my fave autumn activity. That and eating.

  4. This looks like such a fun outing!!