right now.

hi friends :)  i was about to post some more pictures of the weekend with family including a picnic at a park, but that will wait for some other time.  michael is in class and i'm sitting here... kind of bored.  dishes are done.  laundry is finishing up.  and i'm thinking i'll watch lots of televison.  exciting night, right?  i feel like sometimes i forget to enjoy these quiet moments.  the silence.  yes, millie goes a little crazy every now and then, but she's being super sweet tonight.
sweet pup.

i feel like sometimes i am wishing the next big thing would happen in life.  i think my life gets dull so i need something new and exciting to happen.  but, you know, i really want to just be okay with right now.  i know God has SO many wonderful things in store for the future, but He's also given me so many wonderful things right now.  i need to embrace right now a little better... because i have a feeling i'll regret it a few years down the road if i don't.  i want more adventures.  i look at all these blogs that seem like it's one big adventure after the next and dream of adventures like theirs.  i don't want to get caught up in wanting this or that... but to be happy with my family and not worry about how much money we have.  i want to live and not just work all the time (i feel like i have to keep my current job mostly because of insurance...any pointers here?!)  i want to stay home with my kids one day.  maybe these feelings have something to do with the fact i'm getting ready to turn 24 and i still feel like there is SO much i need to learn about who i really am.  and maybe i feel like i should have a lot of that figured out by now.  i'm reaaally looking forward to this spring because michael will finally be finished with school and he'll have more time.  we'll have more time.  i want us to have time before bringing a baby into this world.  remember all my previous "baby fever" remarks?  well, i'm okay with waiting a little while longer.  we're in no rush.  we'll be living life and adding a baby eventually to join in and i want baby to have a pretty darn good life.

p.s. has anyone ever heard of the cookbook more with less?  i was thinking about getting it and wanted to know if it's worth it.


  1. i am SO right there with you on trying not to get caught up on wanting certain things out of life. so stinking hard, but its worth the extra effort.
    :) have a grrreat week!

  2. thanks for reminding me to be happy with where i am now and what i have been blessed with currently. i know someday i'll get all those future things i hope for, but for now i need to remember to be happy with what i have. have a fabulous day miss lesley!

  3. good thoughts :)
    You know, Jesus didn't start his ministry until he was thirty. Just sayin. I don't want to end with a joke, though, because I thought what you wrote was very profound. Some people spend their whole lives without knowing who they are. I feel like I am just learning those things in the past few years, but it has been a journey for me (I know that is such a corny word). I really appreciate the blog posts in which we, as writers, can admit our own smallness. It is healthy for us and a comfort to others who feel small.

  4. I always get caught up dwelling in the past, or dreaming of the future. If we forget to Love where we're at now every hour of our lives, we'll miss so many good things. It's so nice to have some quiet time...I think they're times God speaks to us after we've had such a day full of noise. We have so much to be thankful for.
    I can understand your baby fever. I get that on and off...even though we are in no way ready for a baby. I get weak when I see my baby cousin, or watch a documentary called "Babies." But in a couple years, oh yeah. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. hey lesley, I'm definitely with you on wanting to wait to start a family. It's fun to have adventures and just figure out life first! :)

  6. josh and i were basically talking about these same things tonight.
    we watch this show called "how i met your mother", (if you don't watch, you need to!) and in tonight's episode one of the couples was talking about how they have so much they want to do before their journey of bringing a baby into the world. and they called it their "cradle list."
    i thought it was cute!

  7. lindsay: let's hang out. for real.

    lydia: i totally watched it! and i even told my cousin as we were talking last night that i just wrote a blog about what i was watching! too funny. we love that show around here.

  8. I totally relate to this. Sometimes I just get so caught up with things I want to do, need to do, baaah I just need to remind myself of patience :)