already november?

can you believe it's already november?  we had a pretty uneventful halloween... sometimes it's nice that way.  i took lots of pictures of the day and some pretty ones of the trees in my in-laws backyard but then discovered i hadn't formatted my card SOOO we had to delete them all.  i was a little sad.  it was good practice, though.

michael watched a scary movie while i pretended to be busy with other things on my computer and messing with my new camera.  (i just can't do scary movies!!)  we passed out lots of candy and by 8 o'clock the kids were getting a big handful because i didn't want leftovers.

it's a chilly day and i'm thinking it's time to break out the scarves, gloves and hats soon.  the high is FORTY-SEVEN (27 the low) on friday. brrr.  i'm not so sure i'm ready for mr. winter to come just yet. although... i think millie will like the snow. :)

p.s.  a man i have SO much respect for spoke at church yesterday.  please keep him and his wife in your prayers (randy and mo copeland).  they are following hard after God's calling in their lives... read more here.


  1. that is a beautiful image :) LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  2. adorable heart leaves!
    we had a low-key halloween too :)

  3. High of 47?? sounds like today here!! Pretty chilly...