sometimes i feel like i waste time.  you know, wake up later than anticipated... lounge around watching hgtv... reading blogs for far too long... spending some time on facebook... at the time it doesn't seem like a waste of time.  but, when it's almost 5 and i know husband will be home soon and i don't have much to show to for the day:  that's when i feel like i wasted the day.  i have tomorrow off and have every intention of not repeating today's day off.  it was kind of nice, though.   i did put away laundry, straightened up, went grocery shopping and did the dishes... but that was all after 3!  oopsies!  and we had tacos for dinner... you know i was lazy when i had the whole day to prepare a meal and we have tacos.

10 things to do tomorrow: 
(so i feel like i have to do them since there's a list out there)

1. get up and make michael breakfast.
2. make the bed.
3. spend time with God.
4. take millie girl on a walk.
5. maybe get a free haircut from my newly graduated hair school friend.
6. take photos with miss anna.
7. visit Red Velvet.
8. make a yummy (healthy) dinner.
9. go on a date with my hot husband.
10. get to bed at a decent time (up at 5:30 on sat for work...booo)

i have zero pictures to show today because i was a lazy, lazy bum.


  1. Ahhh! That is so me.
    *frustrated sigh*
    Except I don't have a husband coming home to a dinner I should think about.....
    Hmm. I absolutely LOVE your to-do list. ;)

    p.s. do you think you could maybe go into your comment moderation and turn off the word verification?? thanks:)

    p.p.s. .....Oh, and I'm the newest follower; the girl with the green mug of chai in her face:)

  2. Lesley!!! I feel you. I do this alot... I just can't do it for long periods of time because of my baby girl. My periods of wasted time come in shorter, more frequent spurts. But... they happen nonetheless. Take heart my friend.

  3. Everyone does it. As matter of a fact, I am doing what you said right now...in my pajamas, going on FB, and looking at blogs at 11 in the morning. But I need days like this when I feel like I've worked a lot.
    When I was living in Cali last year and I didn't work much or didnt have a job at certain times, I wasted soo many days.
    But I started making lists. They are so helpful and it feels good to check off all of the things by the end of the day.
    Hope you've had a great day!

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!!
    New follower/blog friend!