a little bit country.

if you were to meet me today the first words to come to your mind wouldn't be:  "that girl is country!"  but once upon a time i LOVED wearing cowgirl boots, hats and riding horses.  i loved going to my aunt and uncles horse ranch and when i was 10 i got my very own horse for Christmas.  i'm looking forward to going home for thanksgiving and hopefully we'll saddle up the horses and i can bring my inner country girl's heart out for a while.  on sunday our pastor asked if anyone had ridden a horse (he was preaching from james 3) and i had to give a little grin to my husband and he whispered "more like the horse rode me"... he is not so much a cowboy, but he sure was cute trying.  today i was cleaning (like deep cleaning) and i got sidetracked by looking at old photos.  i really need to invest in a scanner.  it may seem silly, but i took pictures of pictures.


picture 1: my sister on a horse. my aunt judy and me on the other.
picture 2: my mom and me.
picture 3: justin, kayla (cousins) me, my little brother. look at those boots!
picture 4: me and my red cowgirl hat.


  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!! i could not stop looking at these pictures. so cute. i love horses and i love that you got to spend so much of your childhood near and on them. that sounds so magical :)

  2. Too cute Lesley Kay! Love you cousin! Wish I was going to be there for Thanksgiving!

  3. Aww...so cute! You look so adorable in your red hat:)
    I love old photos like these.

  4. Oh my what a cute little girl!! and that hat!!