sick day + twitter

well, the sore throat & stuffy nose is worse today than yesterday... so i called in.  i don't like to, but sometimes it's best for me and those i work with!

the couch will probably end up being my best friend today... along with netflix and the homemade chicken noodle soup i made last night.  i'm not going to lie... i'm a pretty big baby when it comes to being sick!  i feel sorry for my husband when i'm pregnant. ;)

i have this love/hate thing going on with twitter.  i had it for a long time then realized it was a bit consuming of my time.... so i deleted it.  then, i got it back and deleted it again.  now... i have it again and don't plan on deleting it.  it's fun for me to update it and fun to see what's going on with other bloggers/people i know.  facebook status updates just aren't the same. ;)  if you tweet and want to follow along: (yes, three "R's" because lesleygordon and everything else i could think of was already taken. :))

*UPDATE:  it's lesleykaygordon now.


  1. gah. I am sick today too. So is Trevor and so is Piper. I am sorry I haven't emailed you back yet... I will, I promise. Bear with me until the market is over this weekend.

  2. hope you all feel better! you don't have time to be sick this week. ;)

  3. ohh i just got mine too! it's @heyeday. i'll follow you :)