wedding memories.

i loved our wedding day.  it wasn't anything too extravagant... it was us.  i'm glad we took time to take lots of photos.  i like looking at them every now and then.  there's a big album sitting on our side table in the living room.  :)  they will always be cherished.  and now every time i go downtown i'll walk by j design studio and see us in the window... i'm sure it will always make me smile and think of our day.


(photos from jared's facebook)

we're the big picture with my sister-in-law taking a picture of us and bird seed being thrown at us at we leave. i also LOVE this photo because my grandpa is standing there watching... hi grandpa! (he reads my blog)

see our wedding photos. here, here and here.


  1. oh my gosh!! that is so cool. what a great thing to see when you're walking downtown. love it :)

  2. ohmygoodness.
    that is just WAY too sweet:)
    love it!!