9 weeks.


if you're friends with me on facebook.. you've already seen the little photo shoot anna (one of my bestest friends) and i will be doing throughout my pregnancy. :)

9 weeks.  Can I be honest?? (of course I can... this is my blog.) I'm really ready for January to be over.  Sorry.  I don't usually like to wish time away, but I'd like to skip this next month and head straight into my second tri.  I was feeling good right up until week 6 hit and these last three weeks have not been fun.  I feel so tired all. the. time. and haven't been able to enjoy food at. all.  What a debbie downer, right?  I am just looking forward to loving being pregnant.

I still love this little baby that's slowly growing.  I guess he/she just wants to give me multiple reminders every day and I can't wait until it's letting me know by kicking and cravings rather than fatigue and having my head in the toilet. (gross, i know)  I guess it comes with the territory for some of us blessed ladies. ;)

Hopefully next week will bring happier pregnancy stories.


  1. my first trimester was so hard, i hope for a happy & healthy pregnancy for you!

  2. you look gorgeous! congratulations :)

  3. So sweet! Here is the good news-- typically, women that have morning sickness have really healthy babies. Morning sickness means she/he is growing strong! (That was the only though that got me through my first tri haha!)

    You're strong, momma! And if you need to vent- then vent! That is what mommy blogging is all about haha!

    Love and hope you feel better soon!


  4. You look so beautiful Lesley! The images are perfect. Can't wait to watch you grow. Love to you my friend.

  5. Mandy's right--I was fascinated when I randomly read somewhere about the chemicals in your body protecting the baby but simultaneously making some/most women nauseous with it. :)

    January will most likely be over before we know it! I gotta get used to writing 2011 now.....