our Christmas and some baby talk.

this year we did Christmas a little different.  we took it EASY!  on Christmas morning we opened presents at our home (a first for us) and then headed to michael's parents (still in our pjs)... that live just down the street.  then, my parents and little brother came up for dinner.  my dad-in-law was sweet to grill a turkey for us and i made all the sides... mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, hot rolls, stuffing, corn on the cob...basically another thanksgiving dinner. ;)  it was a good day... and we had a little bit of a white Christmas!
gooood morning! excited about floss?

merry christmas.

ok, now on to baby talk.  thank you so much for all the kind congrats!  i had a pretty big hunch at Thanksgiving that i was so when we got back from my parents i took three tests... all positive!  michael had no idea.  he finally got home from work (which seemed like the absolute LONGEST day ever to me) and i told him.  well, kind of.  i couldn't say it so i showed him a picture of the test. goodness.  he was immediately excited and that felt good.  we hadn't reaaally been trying.  in fact, it was just early september that we said "if it happens, it happens."  he wanted to be finished with school and have some time to relax.  well, he'll be done with school this may and we're having baby early august (which puts me at 9 weeks right now)!  i am already dreading the heat... but kind of excited to be big pregnant during the summer.  this blog has been put on hold along with a lot of other things because i have had terrible (and i mean terrible) morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue.  i want to sleep all the time and i've become best of friends with our toilet.  i can't hardly keep anything down.  ginger ale and crackers have also become pretty good friends of mine.  BUT, i know it will all be worth it and i only have hopefully a couple more weeks to feel like this!!  any advice??

p.s.  it was so hard to keep this in!!  i wanted to share with all of you, but felt i should wait a little while.  my husband on the other hand was bursting to tell everyone...  so we told our families the weekend after we found out!  we're so excited!


  1. I had horrible morning sickness starting right at 6 weeks and ending right at 13 weeks. I couldnt keep anything down, and ginger ale made it worse. sucking on lifesavers through out the day and eating 6 meals a day helped sooo much! If I let myself get hungry I would be sick and not be able to eat. So I kinda had to eat like every hour at least something little.

    Hope you start to feeling better!

  2. Oh, girl... I feel ya on morning sickness! I was insanely sick until about 16 weeks. The good news is, it typically goes away once you're in your 2nd trimester... and then you forget about how bad it was and think "I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!" : )

    Not letting yourself have an empty stomach, or get thirsty helps a lot. For some reason hunger and thirst triggers more morning sickness. And I don't know if it was just me, but acidic food (oranges, red sauce, etc) made me even more sick.

    Also, I couldn't bear taking prenatals first tri... so I took kids gummy bear vities... Ask your doc, but I think you just have to take extra.

    The sickness will pass and you will find yourself LOVING pregnancy later on!

    Congrats again!

  3. I agree with Mandy-- eating and drinking a little bit frequently really helped me alot. And I am sure you've heard this already, but ginger is the best for nausea. Hanson's makes a really ginger ale that is nice and spicy, and Reed's makes a ginger candy that is great... I think ginger people makes some too. Yay!! You'll be into the second trimester really soon!

  4. thanks for the advice friends!! it seems like it's getting a little better... i can stand to make myself eat snacks now... before it was SO hard to do. i'm ready to forget all about this morning sickness business!

  5. i am so so so excited for you!
    i want a summer pregnancy - but i never even once thought of the heat! haha. silly me. plus i'm only 19. why am i thinking about being pregnant?!
    good luck with the morning sickness, dear!
    lets just hope you don't have to end up on bed rest for forever during your pregnancy!
    <3 haley

  6. Hey! Hope you're starting to feel better! I think around 12 weeks the tiredness/sickness goes away. Enjoy wanting to sleep all the time now though- because oh how sleep goes away once baby gets here! I was going to ask if you had a good doc you liked, if not I really liked mine and I had close to zero pain, so that's a pretty good recommendation in my eyes :)

    As for advice... go on any/all trips you could ever want to go on now. It will be a while before you'll leave the wee one (we still haven't...), and once you do, it'll be so sad to leave them even for one night. Ev has a work trip to Mexico in April and I'm already dreading the thought of leaving Jaycee.

    One thing I did was printed out a sheet with pictures and prices of everything we needed to get prior to baby arrival. A lot of this stuff you really don't need, but I felt like I did. This way Ev wasn't too shocked by it all, and each month I just bought a few items here and there.

    Anyway, hope all is well! Get better so we can do lunch sometime!

  7. I love your tree!!! And congrats!

    You can have a look at my tree on my bog. (I got your blog from babybump).

  8. Congrats! I just found your blog, and I'm always happy to support other Christian bloggers, so consider me a follower. Praise Jesus for your little miracle! xo

  9. I have a Millie dog too! Congrats on your pregnancy and Happy New Year!