a good dad.

i was being lazy and decided to just blog from my husband's computer because it was downstairs by me and it's new.  does anyone have a macbook air? this thing is so light and tiny!!

anyways, i decided to snoop and see if he had any pictures on here yet... and i found that magical photo of him and our 4 year old nephew, jackson.  (i promise he's really a cute little boy)  guys, i teared up when i saw this.  my husband is going to be such a good daddy!  kids love him.  my niece (she's 5) wanted to ask him to be her prince and my nephew (he's 2) hangs all over him.  he's a fun-loving, goofy guy and i'm completely blessed.

i hope you've had an amazing monday.... the majority of mine was made up of doing laundry and trying to sweep, vacuum, dust away all the dog hair in our house.  seriously, millie sheds BAD.  i'll spare you by not showing the disgusting picture i took of it... but i'm pretty sure i could make another millie with what i cleaned up today.  i just did a deep sweep like this on friday...it's never-ending.  we're trying to keep her outside more, but today i discovered she made a little friend next door and has been digging by the fence.  i was greeted by a cute little face under the fence when i went to see the damage.

i did make some brownies today. :)
and now i'm going to make some sweet and sour chicken for dinner.... one of my favorites!


  1. Yum! I just made sweet and sour chicken the other night. It's so good homemade. :)
    And I totally understand the dog-hair-everywhere problem. I have a pug, and he sheds like nobody's business.

  2. the best quality in a man :)
    hope you have a good dinner/dessert! peace&love.


  3. Oh, just you wait! You will fall in love with your husband all over again after your babe arrives. I have never felt more united to my husband! Have a great week!

  4. awwww, that's sweet!
    i know. my brothers are going to be pretty great daddies, as far as i can see right now.
    they love kids. :)

    niiiice--now i'm craving sweet and sour chicken! we're having soup for dinner. dang. :)

  5. Hi there. I came across your link on She Breathes Deeply. I sure do love reading about the experiences of other pregnant ladies :) I am now 21 weeks along..and I keep thinking as well about how good of a dad my hubby will be. It really warms my heart :)

  6. Doesn't having a husband that is a daddy to be just melt your heart?! I totally understand!