happy friday!

finally... a FREE weekend to do what we please.  it's been a while between the holidays and me having to work every other weekend.  we've started doing some major budgeting to see if i'll be able to stay home when baby gets here.  if you want an easy to use site i highly recommend mint.com.  we like it so far and it helps us realize where our money goes (hello eating out!)  stay-at-home moms:  how do you make it possible?  we've already decided to get rid of cable and not eat out so much.  a lot of people don't get it...they think it's too hard (financially) to be a s-a-h-m these days.  it's so important to us, though.  this is when it'd be handy if i were more of a craft-ster. ;)

11 w e e k s.
(oops i almost missed it)
i feel GOOD.  i'm still sleepy and kind of lazy feeling, but i haven't been sick except one time this week.  food sounds good again.  i'm still loving those lucky charms.  chips and salsa have been a go-to snack almost every day.  i'm really ready for spring ...i keep saying this over and over... but this time i'm saying it because i'm ready for FRESH fruit.  i've been getting some... but it's just not that good.

disclaimers: 1. it's stinkin' hard to take pictures of my belly.  we need to invest in a tripod i guess. ;) next week i'll do pictures with anna again.  so that will be easier.  2. i'm having a love/hate relationship with my hairs right now.  i wanted to let my bangs grow out and then today decided to see what it'd look like almost parted in the middle... umm it's strange!  i've had bangs for soooo long.


  1. yay for eleven weeks! we survive off of grad student loans and whatever income I make through taking pictures and sewing things. it really helps alot to have that extra money, and I love that I can do something so awesome with my girl by my side. love!!

  2. enjoy your weekend with your millie dog and hubby! best wishes during your pregnancy!


  3. How we survive? Budget EVERYTHING. Seriously, we have an excel spreadsheet made out of what we have to save for what in each paycheck. Coupons for groceries and other things really save a lot, too! And it's great to cut out anything unnecessary (like cable, eating out, shopping for clothes and luxuries).

    I also recommend, after you get into a routine, maybe take in a child or two (that are older) and do some in-home childcare for extra money. You would be surprised how much you can make that way!

    It is so worth the sacrifice! My husband and I make it work on a very small income. I know you can do it too!

  4. i was going to say the same thing about the in-home childcare. i think that's a really great idea, and that's my plan, too. (when the time comes! haha.)

  5. definite yay for 11 wks! it's so fun watching the blogger ladies i know go from that many...to suddenly, 32 wks. :) so precious! :)

  6. hope you can make being a stay at home mom work out! thats definitely what i'm hoping to be when i reach that stage in life. alsooo way to pull off the middle part! i wish i could pull it off!

  7. thanks for all the advice... we have friends that are wanting me to watch their little boy possibly, so that's definitely crossed my mind! you all are the best!!

    @kylee: i'd hardly call that "pulling it off" i've felt silly all day!

  8. I think your hair looks cute! I recently switched the other way. Bangs are new and still feel a little weird at times!

  9. congrats on your pregnancy! you look so cute with your tiny little bump. being a stay-at-home-mom is so worth it. one thing that saves us a ton of money is almost everything my little girl wears is from a thrift store or hand-me-downs from her cousins. of course its fun to splurge every once in a while, but i would never buy everything new - they grow so fast anyway!

  10. I'm a new follower (found you through a friend's blog) and I'm so HAPPY to see another great blogger from SGF! :)

    Congratulations on the pregnancy.

  11. I like your hairs! So cute.

    And look at that baby belly bump! so precious.