hello thirteen weeks ♥

it doesn't seem possible that i'm already hitting the 2nd trimester!  it seems like time is flying... i remember at the beginning of january saying that i'd be ok if it went by quickly and boy did it?!  seriously, where did january go?  this week started out pretty rough.  still major nausea and i spent most of monday laying around.  i complain about my job a lot... not so much here on the blog, but i used to say i wanted a new job every other day.  i still feel that way most of the time and now i'm staying put because of the insurance.  one thing that i actually like about my job is that i only work 3 days a week. so, this week i worked sunday and will work friday and saturday. (i do work "full-time"... i work three 12 hour shifts a week.) it's been nice having days off when i don't feel so hot.

my mom came to springfield today.  she enjoys taking me shopping... it's our bonding time. ;)  i got some cute shirts that will hopefully make it through the entire pregnancy. nope, they are not maternity.  they are just a size bigger than i usually wear and stretchy.  i'm hoping she'll be making lots more trips to see me.... especially after the beginning of march when we found out what we're having....yes, we are finding out.  guys, those little girl clothes are SO adorable.  i mean soooo adorable.  i looked at pretty much every little newborn clothing item in target  (this doesn't mean i won't be just as excited for a little boy, but those little dresses!!!)

i have one more day off before i have to go back to work and i put things off that i'll have to do... like getting my car inspected.  boo.  tomorrow will be a good day after i run all my errands...i am having lunch with my friend (finally!) unless she goes into labor tonight or tomorrow.  she's due next sunday with a little girl, eisley.  and tomorrow i'll take some proper bump photos with anna.  i've really been slacking on taking pictures lately. i feel bad because michael just got me my nikon for my birthday back in october and i don't use it near enough.... i have a feeling come august it will gets LOTS of use!  i really need to stop relying on my iphone to take pictures. ;)  i'll get better again... promise.

*the clothes in the photos are not showing off my new shirts. ;)


  1. oh my gosh!! i feel so much excitement for you. your iphone bump pictures are adorable, especially since you have such a cute case for it!

    and i'm not pregnant, but sometimes i desperately want to shop at pea in the pod and the maternity section of target, because that clothes looks so comfortable. but don't tell. :)

  2. Congrats again! I remember how exciting the beginning was, well once I wasnt feeling sick 24/7.

    Thats so awesome your mom is supportive and comes and sees you! Must help out alot. You look great!

  3. Aww!
    Yep, Target has some super-awesome baby clothes. And when you find something straight-up adorable on sale? pretty sweet. :)

  4. Cute belly!!! :]

    Little girls clothes melt me.