a post without pictures.

i actually did stuff today and i didn't take one single picture... not even with my phone. well, i got one of a cute little girl, but she was hamming it up so it's blurry.  i got out of bed at a decent time this morning and got around.  i went to a couple of flea markets, but didn't find anything i couldn't do without.  it was nice to just walk around and look at everything.  then, i had lunch at the yum yum bowl with a very pregnant, cute friend.  she had a doctor appointment after we went and she's 70% a-faced!  *note to self: eat at yum yum bowl when i want baby to come. ;)  i was a good "grown-up" and got my oil changed and car inspected.  and then i took sonic to a well-deserved friend.  she has two little ones plus keeps another 6 month old three days a week.  and now i'm out the door to go to life group.

i like this little burst of energy i had today.  it was nice to get out.  the weather was still cool, but i didn't wear a heavy coat anywhere i went.  i didn't even turn on the television one time today and i think i'll try to make more of a habit out of that.  no baby bump photos today!  but, i'm thinking it grew overnight. i feel bigger today, but then i saw bryndi (my pregnant friend) and thought my little bump was nothin'.

hope you have had an excellent day!  what'd you do?


  1. it is nice to hear about your day to day activities :) how many weeks are you now? I like the new look of your blog. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!!

  2. ahh, i love flea markets! but yes, good to stay away from purchasing anything unless actually NEEDED. hehe:)

    lunch with your friend sounds like it went lovely!
    bursts of energy are good. :)

    i....rested today. drank tea. drank health stuff. tried to give up this cough thing. ate some good food, and watched a british tv show via the pc hooked up to the tv with the family:)

  3. Hi: I see you are doing fine and having a lot of fun. Nice you are feeling better and not all that sick.
    Been working around the house and I am feeling better also. We are going to play train with a bunch of church people tonight, will 6;00 and it is getting close to that now so I had better get out of here and see if I can help grandma with something. love you much Grandpa Bill

  4. awesome, how many weeks are you? so exciting! love the blog! cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!

  5. cute blog!
    my day consisted of sleeping.
    a lot.
    thanks lovely stomach "bug":).
    it sounds like your day however was lovely.
    xxo, Jazzie

  6. paige: we neeed to chat soon!

    gpa: i love you.

    karly: i'm 14 weeks. thanks for reading!!

    jazzie: hope you feel better now!