house progress...?

i love looking at my refrigerator and seeing those photos.  soon (thursday) we will have a new place to hang them.

a little peek at the house appliances weren't in the plan for this year, but michael found a great deal and my stove suddenly decided that only one burner would work.  michael was taking out the stove to get ready for the new one and the (ugly, old) tile cracked.... so that means we're now getting new countertops, too.  we don't have the budget for a natural stone and if we had time/money to paint all the cabinets white i so would.  then we could get butcher block counters, but the time and money is not there.  so, we're still trying to figure out what to put in.  any great ideas??

our house is craaazy right now.

did you notice the floor in the dining room?  michael and my dad will lay the new floor this weekend.  oh, and the dead plant. haha. we've had that thing since we got married and i think i watered it once a month (tops) and it just now died. and don't worry, i don't usually have the curtains like that...michael put them up there as he ripped up the old floor. :)

i'm glad i married a handy-man.


  1. Hi, I almost told Aimee to post this for me because I don't like commenting on people I do not really know but she would probably tell me to man up and do it myself anyways. A suggestion that I wold make for your countertops (especially if you have done some tiling) is granite tile. You can get 12 inch tile and do small grout lines that make it really hard to see. A dark tile with dark grouting make it almost unnoticeable. You might actually be able to get 24inch granite which would give you even less grout lines. It is not as cheap as laminate but it is a lot cheaper then solid slabs. If you want to replace it in a few years (like one max two) I would suggest getting the cheapest laminate but the granite tile seems to look really good and would be a longer lasting alternative. Hope this helps, my husband and I just redid our kitchen on a budget and I love the solid surface. We were able to cheap out on everything else and get granite but I looked into the granite tile as well.

  2. your sonogram photos on your fridge make my heart SO happy :)

    Ahhh i'm sorry but i've got no advice on your situation, but i'm hoping you two find a solution and again, can't wait to see more progress pics! my husband is a handy man/techie too and i love it, it makes me feel good knowing that if something broke, he'd know how to fix it :) you two are so beautiful together. love that last pic!

  3. thanks for the idea, erin! i passed it on to the one who knows what's he's doing. ;) and, comment anytime you'd like!

    jen: you are the sweetest.