17 weeks & lots of words.

i had a check-up yesterday and got to hear that sweet (fast... 156 beats per minute) heartbeat again.  my doctor and i had a great little chat about natural birth.  guys, i'm not big... in fact, i'm small: pre-baby weight was just right at 100 lbs and i'm right under 5 ft tall.  my husband and i "discussed" having the baby at home... but it was more like my husband telling me it worried him too much that something could happen to me or the baby.  i had watched "the business of being born" a few times and it kind of put me off on hospitals and we don't have a birthing center in springfield. but, i found a doctor that i heard through the grapevine (skyler) was all for natural birth plans.  i absolutely love my OB so far.  he's a little eccentric and a little on the older side, but he's delivered over 14,000 babies and has a very low c-section rate.  he is so supportive and positive that if baby cooperates then i can do this. he gave me lots of pointers on how to prepare myself for an all *natural birth, but he said one of the best things i can do seek out advice from other moms that have had a natural birth.  so, that's what i'm doing.  i love reading birth stories and hearing different women's "strategies" so if you have yours on your blog leave a link in the comments... if you have any advice leave me a comment or email me at lesleykgordon@gmail.com... or let me know what your favorite books/websites for information are... or let me know how you're preparing if you have a baby on the way.  i'd love to hear your experiences.

in other news: i can longer button my jeans.  i had to use the old hair-tie trick yesterday.  hurry up spring... i want to wear dresses all. the. time without leggings and boots.

*all natural meaning med-free. :)

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  1. i think it's awesome that you've chosen to go that route! and i really hope it works out for you. :)

  2. good for you! here's a link to a blog that is a collection of natural birth stories. i hope it helps!


  3. wow, your ob sounds really great!
    i just read a wonderful book of birth stories... it's called Heaven in my hands, by Nancy Spencer. she's a christian, and writes so lovely....awesome book.

    also, i might have recommended this book before, but Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent is really encouraging and a rounded-out range of stories. love that one!

  4. yes! august 4th :) how fun. you can totally do it natural. we're working with a midwife and having our baby at home. <3

  5. i don't know if you've read this one, but she just had a long post about natural births a few days ago. might be interesting to you. :-)


  6. I'm very thankful to have been able to have the 4 of mine at home. It's not an easy thing... but there's such a joy and a feeling that you can do anything after going through it. Just never let anyone let you feel like you're a failure if for some reason it doesn't go all med-free. In the end you'll have a precious life given to you... the best part of it all! On a side note- Your blog is so fun :)

  7. i live in springfield too. i used to do yoga with loa freeman, and she was connected to this local doula chapter. i think they are extremely affordable, if not free. call and talk to her; she is extremely informed on this type of thing. this is her site: http://successnaturally.com

  8. yay! I'm 16 weeks along! ;)

    That makes my heart happy that you had such a good appointment and you're only a week ahead of me!!!!

    *we found a dr here in vegas who does VBAC's and supports natural birth. We feel so blessed to have met him. He's wonderful. I'm SO excited for my birth. I dont' have that fear mentality that I had with my first delivery.

    wishing you blessings for your pregnancy!


  9. thanks for the support and websites ladies!

  10. hi!!! I just read that you're from Springfield MO!!! I'll actually be headed that way come April- June and if you ever want your maternity pictures done, I can do that!!! hahaha. Loved reading your about me. Totally adorable!