a spring to-do list.


my mind is going in circles thinking of all the things we want to get done around here before baby comes this summer.  we bought our house almost a year ago and decided to hold off on a lot of big projects.  we painted pretty much every room a different color and painted ALL the trim, doors, fireplace white.  we changed the hardware in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.  my dad and michael put new tile in the kitchen, laundry room and half bath.  we did some yard work because it seemed like the previous owners let it get a little out of hand.  we love our home, but it just doesn't feel quite like us just yet.

so, here's my spring to-do list:

finish hanging things on the walls.
new wood floors in dining room and living room.
paint the guest bathroom and master bathroom.
tile the guest bathroom and master bathroom.
make a new patio area in the backyard.
keep up with the side flower garden better than last year.
go to ikea (make a trip to dallas to see brother).
move the guest room into the office to make room for baby.
paint the nursery and begin decorating.
sew myself a dress.
spend lots of time outside.
have lots of bbq's.
go on lots of walks with michael and millie.
bake some pies.
get it all done before summer so we can relax before baby comes. ;)

i've been collecting home inspiration on my tumblr and i adore everything in this home tour.

think we're crazy?


  1. So exciting! I am hoping to buy a house soon, and it makes me giddy to hear all of your house projects! :)

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! Harness the nesting energy, you'll be so glad you did when baby arrives. I can't wait to see what you do with your house! I love your tumblr too. I hope we will own a home one day :)

  3. i love tile.
    i love the idea of painting every room a different color and the trim all white:)
    i love wood floors! gosh. so amazing.

    i can't wait for our close friends to move into town, hopefully into the huge Victorian so we can help them decorate and accomplish all that house stuff.... since we're not doing anything with our house, ya know. :/

    i absolutely LOVE your list. wish i lived nearby to help. house stuff=me, in love. heh:)

  4. Please tell me you'll be posting pictures during this process! And to answer your question..if you have the time and energy to do it before baby comes, then why not? It would be lovely to have it all done and using all your free time with your little babe. Good luck and can't wait to see!

  5. sew a dress...

    that sounds like a good to-do to put on my list also ;)
    nursery planning is so much fun...baby things are just way too cute.

    <3 arielle