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hello friends!  i don't think i like sticking to one day to "feature" something.  i'm more of a whenever-i-feel-like-it kind of blogger.  so, it'll be like a surprise when i'm going to share a blog i love. ok?  ok.

this week i've decided to share another "real life friend" with you...  miss skyler watson and she blogs at merry happy! we met through our husbands.  they were in a band together so skyler and i had lots of bonding time sitting at the merch table and giggling at some of the girls that seemed to be in loooove with our boys.  we made a trip to nashville to watch the band in a battle of the bands deal.  we dreamed about marrying these boys and we both did!  she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. both of the boys quit the band and we all lived in the same building downtown springfield our first year of marriage.  ladies, this girl has it made as far as her husband being cool with whatever she wants to do as far as decor goes.  we once found a $5 coffee table perfect for the size of their vintage sofa and it's now a pale pink. she's thrifty (a coupon queen), crafty, dresses adorable all. the. time. and has such a fun personality.  she's only 21, but i find myself looking up to her all the time for advice on things and such (i'm 24, in case you were wondering).  so, go look at skyler's blog.  she newly started blogging at this one, but she's been blogging for years.  you can bet she'll be sharing some things she's made and some DIY's.

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