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16 weeks.  i have energy!  i think this pregnancy has had the BEST timing (in my opinion) and here's why...

i found out right after thanksgiving... so those extra lbs from eating too much turkey i thought of as baby love.  also, i wasn't to the point (yet) of not having an appetite so i ate lots of food! if i would have known what was coming i probably would have ate even more.

we got to share the news with family and friends around christmas-time.  pretty magical and it was so sweet to be loved on by the ones we love most.  baby even got some presents!

i didn't miss out on sunshine and outdoors because of feeling nauseous.  all that yucky business happened in the dead of winter when it was nice to be bundled in front of the cozy fireplace and watching movies with my honey.

i recently got my "burst of energy" ... just in time for some lovely spring weather (and spring cleaning!!)

i plan on LIVING in sundresses and sandals this spring and summer.  i don't have to worry about layers or trying to button/zip coats over the belly.

*i'm trying to stay positive here.  i mean yes, my christmas was spent in a bathroom and yes, i became somewhat of a bear in hibernation during the winter months and yes, summer will be HOT and i'll probably complain a time or two.  but, i'm happy and beyond thrilled to welcome this baby in the summertime.

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  1. at least your Christmas in a bathroom was because of a baby... mine was spent in a bathroom too, but I was just sick! There's another positive! :)