what a week.

we've had quite the week.  my poor husband broke out in a 102.6 temp on monday and was miserable.  he had to work because his boss is in hawaii so they were short-handed a little.  he's such a good man.  but, tuesday he was feeling even worse so he went to urgent care.... strep.  i've been sanitizing all week and even stayed on the couch one night.  he's been on antibiotics so he's feeling much, much better.  

it's a good thing because we're having some little visitors this weekend...
Picnik collage
 (and some bigger ones too!)  my family is coming!  i've been looking forward to it... i can't believe i've gone since new years without seeing them and they only live a little over an hour away.  i blame it on the snow, but guess what?!  it's BEAUTIFUL in missouri today and is supposed to be in the 60's the next few days.

how's your week been?


  1. You are so sweet! I hope your mister starts to feel better. I think I am on the ups too. Enjoy your family time; I hope you stay well!

  2. Wish we could all head that way! We didn't get near enough time at Christmas, and honestly, I wasn't in a very social mood! Enjoy your time together! Love you!