all things girly

some pretty little finds i've come across lately:

i've been a bit "under the weather" all last night and today.  i'm not really sure if it's baby. or a bug. or something i ate that baby didn't like. or just something i ate (food poisoning) but it's been pretty awful.  i took the day easy and mostly slept.  it seems to be getting better so hopefully it was just one of those 24 hours types.

oh, and it's so fun looking at things for baby girl!  way more fun than being sick. ;)


  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better. Being sock while pregnant is the worst. I love these pictures :) You have such sweet taste for little girl things. She's going to be so cute!!! I hope we can meet up at the end of May. It looks like we'll be headed to Branson. I'll message you and let you know once it is final. Take care friend.

  2. Oh those sweet girlie things make my heart thump! so so sweet! She's going to be gorgeous, just like her mama!

    ps, love your letter to her!

  3. aww i love your taste. i like how everything is girly, but not over-the-top. And that baby girl room is so cute!

  4. Such sweet little girl things! Girls are wonderful... so excited for you!