blog love!

paige at we three pilgrims quickly became one of my favorite bloggers.  i was immediately drawn to her dreamy photos, pretty handmade items and cute little family.  she is one of the sweetest ladies around.  i promise.

paige longs for the simple things in life and has such a passion for living for God.  she's real and i always love reading her posts about what's on her heart.

she's pretty talented when it comes to sewing.  she makes pretty clothes for herself, for her daughter and pretty bags for her shop lightnest.

she has a sweet little girl named piper and seeing their mother/daughter relationship makes me that much more excited to have a sweet little girl of my own. 

i wish this girl lived closer (she's in athens, georgia) because i know we'd be great real-life friends, but for now i consider this girl one of my best "internet" friends around.

go visit her blog and her shop.  and be prepared to spend some time browsing through her pretty pictures.

P.S.  thanks for all the love on baby girl!  no names yet... we're taking our time.  and i'm getting rid of my tumblr and made the move to pinterest.  so follow me there if you'd like!  i spent today moving some of my favorites from my tumblr.


  1. Lesley, you really are my homegirl :)
    Love to you sweet lady. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  2. her blog is awesome and she's fabulous. thanks for sharing <3

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