happy friday!

happy friday and a big HELLO to 20 weeks (yesterday)!  i'm halfway there and i'm feeling good!  i caved and got some maternity jeans today (thanks to lucy my super MIL).  they actually aren't so bad and they felt SO good compared to my regulars.  i made it halfway without buying any maternity.  i was going to "live" in dresses, but i cannot deny that sometimes i like to be a jeans girl. we made a trip to branson and walked around at the landing... it was just me my mother-in-law and sweet grandparent-in-laws.  we had famous dave's.. which is always wonderful... bbq is one of my all-time favorites! yumm.

little (and some big) signs of spring are here!  YES!  those are about to bloom in my front yard.

i'm excited for the weekend... we're taking a little day trip to visit my parents, siblings and all six of my nieces and nephews. 

oh, and hello to those that came over from mandy's blog.
so nice to have you. :) 


  1. We are about 2 weeks apart!! We just found out what we are having and we are on our third girl!!

    Cant wait to hear what you are having! Its seems like mostly everyone is having a boy and a few having the girls, but God is the only one who truly knows what fits for us in our journey/family :). Cant wait to hear!

    Have a great weekend with your fam =)

  2. congratulations girl! I cant believe you made it to 20 weeks without maternity jeans... i only lasted to 14 weeks! :) I'm so excited for you and your husband! Cant wait to hear if its a boy or girl!

  3. can't believe you're half way!! oh my goodness, it goes by so fast. so happy for you.

  4. congrats on making it half way there!!!

  5. @olga... part of me really wants a little girl, but i'd gladly take a healthy little boy! congrats!

    @rebecca... they are soo comfortable. i probably should have bought some sooner!

    @paige... hiiii friend! :)

    @adriana... thanks so much. i'm pretty happy about it!