i need a vaca & blog love.

we've (mostly husband) been working hard around the house.  so i think when all is said and done we'll be ready to get away for a few days.... we'll be going to the beach with his parents in may and i'm already looking forward to it.  i've been looking online for maternity swimsuits because i'll be about 28 weeks when we go.  i'm trying to decide if i'm brave enough to show off the bump.  i think it's a beautiful thing.  what do you think?  do you think big pregnant women lounging in a two piece is sweet.... or too much?

i'm inspired by anna at rummey bears constantly.  she seems to live such a sweet, simple life and i LOVED following along her days when she was pregnant.  you should go look at all her bump photos.


  1. That photo above is amazing, but I could never pull that off. I wore a cute tankini which mostly covers the belly, but still shows a little skin. I think old navy, has good affordable maternity suits.

  2. Love that picture. I think a baby bump looks really cute in a bikini although goodness knows I never had the nerve (or opportunity) to pull it off!

  3. hello,
    i saw your guest post on she breaths deeply.
    i have a little two year old and due anoter little girl in 10 days :)
    pleased to meet you x

  4. Hey I linked to you from Mandy's blog and am following you now...love watching pregnancy journeys. I just had a little girl 5 weeks ago...
    Oh and I have to tell you...I love your hair!! You have it cut and styled so cute :)
    Nice to 'meet' you
    Kim at http://lsp-projects.blogspot.com

  5. Hello! Found you over on She Breathes Deeply. I for one LOVE how women look in bikinis when they're pregnant. I took several pics of me in a bikini and I had my baby in Feb so it was not really bikini weather. I say go for it! Be brave and show of your growing babe!

  6. I say show it off!!! I'm due in sept so I'll be prego alllll summer and I absolutely can't wait to wear a bikini! I think the belly Is beautiful!

  7. love the photos of her! I think it's super cute to show off that baby bump! :)

  8. New follower here!

    I have two girls and one more girl on the way and I have always wore a two piece... I think its cute! We are also going to the beach in May, so am excited to go swimsuit shopping!


  9. Hey sweet girl! Thanks again for guest blogging for me! It was a hit!

    Hope all is well and I can't wait to hear if you are having a little girl or a little boy! Baby will be here before you know it :) .

  10. Hello! I found your blog through Mandy's. I absolutely LOVE following pregnancy blogs...especially since my husband and I are currently trying to get pregant. Can't wait!!
    If you decide to go the tankini route for a bathing suit, check out limericki.com. They are coming out with a new, adorable maternity line in April but there's some sneak peaks. I own two of their bathing suits and they are very well made. Just a thought! :)