i want that kitchen.


we got the new floors and then we decided to go ahead with new appliances.  my stove was not good and we were borrowing my sister's refrigerator.  so, michael picked out some stainless ones (on a day that i was at work).  they are great.  i looove my new stove, but then new appliances turned into new countertops, and then new countertops turned into painting all the cabinets and getting new cabinet doors.  i've been looking at all kinds of kitchen inspiration.  my tumblr proves it.  i love the kitchens in the photos above... as well as the rest of the home decor in each.  it's been a wonderful, rainy day in to look at dreamy homes.


  1. i have that kitchen aid... and i LOVE it. :)

  2. Oh wow! My dream kitchen as well!
    The 2nd photo with the third photos countertop...ahhh!

  3. my boyfriend is fixing his house and i'm helping and boy it's so easy to want it all.

    those are lovely photos.

  4. I am on a huuuuge home decor kick right now, so these photos were super fun to look at. My favorite is kitchen #2. The hanging lights and plants by the window are so cute!

  5. uh huh, yep, we were definitley meant to be friends ;)

    i am renovating my kitchen a bit too. well, redecorating. i need to post a preview soon. i can't wait to see yours all finished. because that other entry you put up is too much of a tease.