i've got a...

bun on my head.

& a
bun in the oven.  ;)

i promise to share some legit baby-bump photos soon.
i'm 23 weeks along now and it's crazy to think baby girl could be 1 lb.

i'm off to work in the yard some more.
YEAH for being outside.  YEAH for energy. YEAH for beautiful spring weather.


  1. such a sweet post!
    definitely post some boda fide bump pics soon:) :)

  2. haha. cute. enjoy that beautiful springy weather.. and that energy while it lasts ;)

  3. haha, thanks sweet ladies!

    and kate... don't remind me! i'm in denial right now. ;)

  4. Thats cute! :)

    I cant wait for spring weather. We just got hit with snow here in the mountains. :(