i know i've said it before... and i'll probably say it again... i'm so excited to see my husband as a daddy.  seriously, kids love him.

here's proof:
 niece, nephews, sister and my honey. 

so cute.

and i like to think i'll be an okay momma. ;)
yes, we ride the little kiddie rides... and we're not ashamed.

(photos from the fall at silver dollar city)


  1. aww so cute. what are you saying! you'll be a wonderful mother.

  2. i know those feelings for sure! it makes my heart melt when i see jimmy playing with our niece or hanging out with any kids. you both are going to be fantastic parents and i bet it'll come naturally to you both!

  3. You're going to be an amazing mother!!!

  4. I know exactly how you feel. Im not pregnant (yet) but I cant wait to see my husband as a daddy one day! I just know its going to melt my heart! :) Love your blog!