i've kind of gone mia from blogging.   to be completely honest it's probably because on my days off from work i don't do much of anything.... kind of like the other day when i spent the entire morning laying on the couch watching a full season of ANTM season 10 that i hadn't seen before.  it's been raining non-stop around here and it makes for easy days to lounge around inside.

i'm 27 WEEKS!!  can you believe it?  i got my first case of swollen ankles/feet on saturday.   i'll probably be switching to 8 hour shifts at work instead of 12 hours because walking on my feet that long with this extra weight (i've gained about 15 lbs) is just not working out.  my plan is to work until i get too uncomfortable so we can save back more for me to stay home with my baby girl!  i'm so thrilled to have a husband that is such a hard worker to make that possible.

and, speaking of my husband... i get him back soon.  no.. he didn't really go anywhere, but he's been SO BUSY with school and projects that i feel like i barely see him.  his last week of class is next week.  YES!

Ellie still doesn't have a middle name.  it seems like everything i say with it sounds too hick (ie we don't want to have an Ellie May on our hands).  any help ladies?  Ellie also doesn't have a nursery what-so-ever yet.  i'm gonna get on that soooon.

so there it is... what's going on with us lately.  we've been a pretty boring pair. ;)

*i should say i don't think "may/mae" is hick... just paired with ellie (beverly hillbillies, anyone?).  i think mae is a very sweet middle name. :)


  1. I like Ellie Marie.
    I'm also a sucker for Anne as a middle name. It sounds strange, Ellie Anne, but it could definitely grow on a girl.

  2. I love Ellie for a name! Middle names? How about.. Elizabeth, Claire, Anna, Grace, Faith, Hope, Lynn, Kate. Not all together. ; ) Hope this helps!

  3. I love the name Ellie, so cute.
    Hmmm when it comes to middle names these are a few that sounds nice with your last name ... Paige, Jane, Regan, Nicole, Grace, Amelia, Penelope, Claire, Madison. Good luck picking a middle name.

  4. Ellie is my all time favourite girls' name! As for a middle name, Rose, Jayde, Christine...
    Maybe you'll find some inspiration in the most unlikely of places! Good luck with finding one :) xx

  5. I would say use your middle name, but then that would be almost as bad as Ellie May. :) I like Ellie Grace.

  6. I love the name Ellie, it's gorgeous.

    For middle names I like Grace, Elizabeth, Michelle & Jessica


  7. thanks for all the suggestions friends! we won't be doing anything that starts with a "g" or a "k"

    the initials EGG and EKG just don't do it for me. ;)

    so linds, that means my middle name is out this time.

  8. I just came across your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it! I love the name Ellie - so sweet. My husband and I had the oposite problem - we had our son's middle name picke dout before he came, but not his first name!

  9. i love the name ellie mae... but i like "hick" names. i suppose that's why i nicknamed my husband nicky bobby (actually, i was inspired by talladega nights and its just funny to see people's reactions when i call him that)

    i have a cameron mae, but i needed something really feminine (mae) to balance her masculine first name out.

    what about ellie alise?
    yea, i really like the sound of that... and it's not a very common middle name.

    good luck chosing, i am sure whatever you pick will be beautiful!

  10. kim: i love the name cameron mae! my niece is kadi mae and i think it's adorable, too. i just can't do ellie mae because of the beverly hillbillies. ;)

  11. Nope, you will have to wait until your next girl to use your middle name. :)

  12. Love
    • Ellie Jayde
    • Ellie Wynn
    • Ellie Jayne
    • Ellie Olivia

    Humm can't think of anymore at the moment.