we had a little family vacation last week and it was great!
we went with michael's family.

i will say... i'll probably never take a 14 hour road trip while being 30 weeks pregnant again. ;)

our 4 year old nephew loved the ocean.

i'm pretty excited to share the beach with Ellie someday.


  1. That beach looks perfect. Yes, we shall catch up soon! xo

  2. Oh goodness !! I live live in Germany, and my husband and I are traveling 16 hours to the States in June when and I will be 27 weeks pregnant !!! I am definitely not looking forward to the plane ride ! But, if you did it in a CAR, I can definitely do it in a plane !!! :)

    It looks like you had such a fabulous time though ! The beach looks so warm and relaxing. Oh how I would love to be there right now ! Your baby bump is sooo beautiful. Have you had any strangers come up to you and think that they had the right to just touch your stomach because you are pregnant?!!! I had that happen for the first time yesterday and it was a little awkward !!!

    I wish you a lovely weekend !

  3. where did you get your cute suit!!!
    You two look great!