we just got back from alabama  and had a wonderful time.  i planned on sharing photos from our trip, but that will wait until later in the week.

sunday evening we were out to eat and i noticed via facebook status updates that missouri was getting some severe weather.  i called my mom to make sure there were okay.  they were.  they were in the basement as they were under a tornado warning.  she said joplin (about 15-20 minutes from their house) had been hit, but she didn't know how bad.  i called my brother (he lives in joplin) and no lines were down.  i was starting to get pretty worried.  so i texted him and thank goodness he replied right away that he was okay.  my niece and her two boys were missing for a while and my dad went looking for them.  their house had come down on them while they took shelter in the bathtub. thank the Lord they are all okay!  my brother-in-law is helping clear the roads (he works for modot) and he said it is all so unreal.

so many lives lost and so many people lost everything.  please pray for the community that i was born and raised in.  they're calling for more severe weather coming in tonight and it makes me so on edge after seeing videos, pictures, and devastating posts take over my facebook news feed.  i know our God is in control and pray that people can find comfort and peace in Him during such a hard time.

ways to help found here.


  1. I saw it all on the news. It was heartbreaking. I'll be praying for your family and friends safety and for the loved ones of the people who passed away.

  2. Thank you for your post, Lesley! I'm so glad your family is alright. It's so important to talk about it so people can be praying!!! My dad, husband, and brother-in-law will be helping on Friday. Dad's taking his tractor, trailer, and chain saw.