another week gone??

where did this week go???  goodness.  it feels like we were just at the beach, but that was almost 2 weeks ago.  i'm to the single digits as far as weeks go to my due date.  31 weeks and it's getting HOT outside here in missouri.  i'll make it, though! ;)  

pregnancy update:
we have our first birthing class tonight and i'm way excited.
still no cravings, but i've been LOVING pop ice & wanting a sno-cone.
our first shower is this Sunday!
OB appt on monday.  i'll find out if i'm still measuring a month early and why.
i had my first major emotional/hormonal break-down on monday.  
(it was a good one. poor husband.)

(i'll try my best not to make this blog only an every friday thing. ;))

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  1. Same with me! I was all about ice! I had icees like crazy when I was pregnant. And I would just munch on crushed ice at home.
    And just an FYI we had a scare when I was pregnant. They did an ultrasound on Raeleigh and saw she was measuring in the 2nd percentile. They took us into an intimidating little room to talk about it. And I had to do weekly monitoring and ultrasounds for the entire last trimester. And as I'm sure you can tell Raeleigh turned out just fine! She was a healthy 6lbs 1 oz when she was born. Just a little girl, nothing wrong. I just know how easy it is to worry about the sweet baby growing inside of you. So I just thought I'd share our experience.