summer time!

hi friends!  i went out in the heat today and pulled weeds in the yard.  our side yard is my favorite (although our backyard is full of pretty plants & flowers too).  i decided to bring some flowers in with me.  so, here's some peeks of our home all via instagram.  and yes, i realize i'm completely addicted to the nashville filter.

our kitchen reno is finally complete!  michael finished grouting the backsplash last night and i'm loving my fresh kitchen.  i realize i probably should have scrubbed the sink a little better before taking a picture, oh wells. the backsplash looks blue in the pictures, but it's actually a dark grey.  i'll be sharing some before/after's soon with photos from my real camera. ;)


  1. ah, beautiful!
    can't wait to see more pics:)

    hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. OH MY!!! I LOVE THE KITCHEN!! Michael did so good! He has a lot of talent!!!

  3. everyone knows that Nashville is the best <3