final countdown time!

i feel like 34 weeks is an appropriate time to start reaaaally counting down the weeks this little girl has left baking in my belly!  only SIX weeks to go... what?!

six weeks.  yes, that means her estimated due date is still about the same.  we went to see our terrific (and i mean terrific) OB today and had an ultrasound.  i cannot even believe how that little girl is fitting in there.  she's head down (SO great), her feet were right at my rib cage (which explains a lot...ouch) and she was wiggling around.  beggie (that's what our birthing teacher calls our OB... she LOVES him which makes me so happy) said she's weighing about 4 lbs  15 oz and is right on track.  the edd came to 8-2... it was 8-4.  BUT when he measures me with the tape measurer i'm still a month ahead.  i should have measured 34 and was almost at 38.  there's no extra fluid and everything looks healthy so his answer:  it's because i'm so small.  she just doesn't have room.  he kind of hinted she might come a little early... without saying "be ready for her to come early".. he basically said she'd be good to come out in 3-4 weeks and might decide to because of lack of space in there.

i feel so much better and relaxed after the appointment.  i was concerned that she would come early july and it was really stressing me out.  i'm ok with mid to late july... i just need a few more weeks to really get prepared.  i'm getting ready for you little girl... don't come out too soon!


  1. That's SUCH good news! I'm so happy for you guys. =]

  2. Oh my goodness.. I can't believe how fast it went. It seems like just yesterday we were congratulating you on your new pregnancy.. wow, time does fly! Take care and REST!

    p.s. you've got a present coming little lady :)