so, i'm going to be honest... i've been pretty lazy about taking belly photos and getting things ready for this little girl coming oh so soon!  i start getting things ready in her room or around the house and then i decide i need to nap instead.

i'm 34 weeks now and not super uncomfortable.  yesterday was tough for me... she must have been laying on a nerve or something because i had some serious back pain going on.  like enough that every time i stood or walked i felt like i could cry.  the thought crossed my mind that i was going into labor because i've heard it can be a sign with having the intense, constant back pain.  but, she must have moved because i finally got some relief last night.

tomorrow i go for an ultrasound to see why i've been measuring about a month big.  (28 weeks i measure 32 and at 31 i was almost at 35).  the thought of having this little girl in early to mid july instead of the beginning of august does sound nice, but also sounds a little scary crazy!  it's SO soon and i have SO much to do.

i've had some WONDERFUL showers so i'm feeling more prepared thanks to all my lovely friends and family.  she's one loved girl already.

so so so loved.


  1. i can't lie, i've been missing your posts! but i do understand the craziness of your life right now and how close you are to little ellie's arrival. you must be so excited, and i am so excited for you! so belly pics or not, i can't wait to read more and i'll be staying tuned :)

  2. This has all gone by so fast! I remember when I first found out you were pregnant... it seems like not so long ago! She's going to be beautiful :)