a shower for ellie

i'm so blessed! :)

my life group threw a shower for ellie and me.  it was so sweet!  i'm thankful for such a wonderful group of friends (and family) that showered ellie with gifts!

there were lots of little babies, kids and other pregnant women there.  i love it all.  in the first picture my friend lacey is due july 3 (with number 3), i'm due august 4, brittany is about 7-8 weeks (with number SIX), and carrie is due july 21 (with her first).  it's so fun!

(and i guess that's what my face looks like when ellie gives me a good, hard kick. ;))


  1. could you look any cuter with that adorable belly of yours? gosh. looks like a lovely shower!

  2. AHHH! You look so cute, and that looks like a sweet shower. I am so excited for you and almost crying :)

  3. you look absolutely beautiful! i can't wait to meet ellie! :) did you decide on a middle name??

  4. thanks friends!!

    kim- no middle name yet... i feel like it might be one of those decisions that i make as i'm in labor on the way to the hospital. ;)