38 weeks.

i'm so ready to meet this little girl 
and i think someone else is patiently waiting for her, too. ;)

anna and i took some pictures yesterday.  i have more to share soon! i kind of slacked the past few weeks on taking regular bump photos.  i do have weekly ones on my phone, so that will have to do!  i'm still feeling pretty good.  oh, and tomorrow is my last day of working!! SUPER excited about that.  i'm ready to take in the next couple of hours, days, weeks (however long she decides to take) and relax a bit.


  1. Ahh I can hardly contain my excitement for you! You're SO close!

  2. Leslie you look beautiful!! Your air is gorgeous as always. I love the nursery. You've done a great job. Almost there. I hope we get to see the other pics too!