happiest friday ever? i think so.

YOU GUYS!  celebration time! today was my last day at work and unless we decide we reaaaally need the money and i can't find another way to make money (i have a couple of options to fall back on if need be) i won't be going back to the job i've pretty much despised for the past three years.  once upon a time, i wanted to be a nurse.  i moved to springfield and needed a job that had decent insurance and that's when i became a nurse assistant.  i was excited at first and then time went on and i decided i did. not. like. it.  but, the insurance was good and i only had to work three days a week........ three very long 12 hour shift days (sun up to sun down in the fall and winter, depressing...right?)  i left home at 6 am and would get home after 7 pm.  so, let me tell you:  grumpy sick people giving orders all day, really sad sick people you take care of passing away, and working 12 hour shifts every other weekend and not seeing your husband and working on christmas or thanksgiving or any other holiday is kind of the pits.  do not get me wrong.... i ADMIRE every nurse and patient care assistant out there and i loved the ones i worked with, but it wasn't for me.  i didn't go on to nursing school and i'm so, so, sooo terribly glad i didn't because then i would have a ton of student loans and wouldn't even be able to think about being a stay at home momma.  i'm blessed to have a husband that wants me to be able to be home with our girl as much as possible... he even got into couponing (sshhh don't tell him i told) and i'm learning, too.  we've already been saving lots and maybe i'll share some good deals we find so you can save, too!

well, there you have it.  i rarely (if ever) even talked about my job on the blog because i like to keep things happy around here and sometimes even the thought of having to wake up and go to work made me want to cry.  and, sometimes i would come home from work crying because i was just.....tired and worn out....especially these past few months.  working as a nurse assistant and being pregnant do not mesh well.  it's been hard on my body, but probably also good for it.  i stayed active, but being on my feet all day long sometimes took a toll on me.  i was nervous i would do something to hurt Ellie.  and, at 38 weeks i was over working. so, today being my last day was a SUPER happy day for me!

this fall will be such a wonderful, beautiful season for my little family.  Ellie will be here, Michael will be DONE with school, and i'll be home.  you can bet i'll be making lots of big breakfasts every saturday.  tomorrow morning i plan on making a big ol' stack of pancakes to celebrate!  so much to look forward to!

happy weekend!


  1. I'm so extremely happy for you, Les. I know what you mean about not liking your job.. I'm counting down the days. Sometimes I really worry about how we're going to be able to afford for me to stay home but we're really trying to have faith that this is something that God wants us to do and he'll provide for us one way or another. I've not couponed before. You'll have to give me tips. Sometimes we go to Aldi's just to save money and it's amazing how much stuff you can get for cheap just by getting the off brands. You're present has been sitting at my house for literally EVER. So sorry I haven't gotten it to you yet. By the time I get home at the end of the day I'm so tired I'm pretty much done.. I'm horrible about remembering things. :(
    Love you and can't wait to see that beautiful new girllie of yours!!
    P.S. Her room is so cute! You have EXCELLENT taste my friend ;)

  2. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! =]

  3. So happy!
    I was *sort of* in the same position - I was working for Oxford Health Care as an in home aid, and it was absolutely awful. I woke up every day dreading going to work! So I definitely feel your pain.
    Now I'm back working minimum wage, but that also means that I'm free to do painting on the side. So cheers all around for being happy with where we are in life!
    congrats & keep us updated on the little one! tell her she needs to come out nowww.