the final days.

i'm so, so, so blessed to have a special friend that is willing to take a million and one pictures of me.  i love that i have these to look back on and remember these final days of having this sweet little girl all to myself.  (selfish, i know)

thank you anna!

ready for a ton of pictures?

(the dress i'm wearing was my momma's back in the day. and i should have worn a white tank instead of dark.. :))

no signs of baby yet.  i have an OB appointment in the morning.


  1. beautiful photos!
    and that IS so precious that you have a friend nearby with such talent with the camera! :) :)
    wow. any day. i remember the announcement you were preggo like it was yesterday! <3

  2. These are so beautiful! I especially love the last few in your mom dress! So so special. I can only hope to be as cute as you whenever I get pregnant.

    Enjoy these last few days!

  3. Wow, these photos are so pretty, my favorite is the second one:) You are gorgeous my friend! Can't wait to see how cute the babe will be!

  4. Beautiful photos! You look fantastic!

  5. i LOVE that dress of your mom's. So much. it looks great on you!
    my favorite picture is the 3rd one down in the set of you in the dress. :)

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous, girl. I wish we lived closer to each other so you could be my subject for photos :)

  7. I love the last pic!! Bear-foot and pregnant :)