weekend in iphone pictures.

 we walked a lot.

 we love cereal probably a little too much.
we've started couponing. all the above=$3.68.

 aren't his eyes beauties?
we spent lots and lots of time together.
it's crazy to think it was probably the last weekend as a family of two.

 worship team practice at church.
Ellie loves hearing her daddy play the drums.
we love our church family... so blessed.

i made a coffee cake and it's delicious.
but, not quite as good as when my mom makes my grandma's version.
mom: find that recipe for me!

happy August!
(it's Ellie's birth month... she just didn't want to be a July baby.)


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  2. Love the pictures love the first one! You look adorable pregnant! Yay for being a three family soon!

    In our sea of love

  3. August is the best month! being an August birthday myself I would know this.Can't wait to see how beautiful she is!
    and that makes me want my mom's coffee cake! yum!

  4. ah! I started couponing (again) this week, and got lots of cereal, too. :)

  5. Couponing is AWESOME!!! If you haven't already be sure to check out CVS! They have the best coupon policy EVER and amazing deals!!! :)