i'm still here!

goodness.  i could make a million excuses for not blogging lately, but really... the truth is i just haven't made time to do it.  we've stayed busy getting the nursery ready and i've been keeping up with the house.  we've also made time to watch movies and hang out just the two of us.  i also LOVE sleeping... but for some reason i sleep the best in the middle of the day and sleep horribly through the night.

we could meet our girl any day now.  i'm a little over 36 weeks and feeling much, much, much more prepared than last time i blogged.  her diaper bag is packed and ready to go, her car seat is in the car, all her clothes are washed and put away, and her room is pretty much done.  we have one more birthing class tomorrow night which will be all about breast-feeding and postpartum.  my goal is still no meds during labor.  i've had some mild contractions, but nothing consistent. i'm okay if she stays in a couple more weeks.  i want her out when she's ready... that doesn't mean i won't start walking more and trying some tricks in the next week or so.  mill is ready to meet her... i just know it.  anytime i can't find her i know exactly where to look now... she loves E's room.  loves it.

i'm really praying hard that it works out for me to stay home with my girl, but we just found out how much it will cost to be added on to michael's work insurance. OUCH.  what do you ladies do for insurance that stay home?  i want to SO badly.


  1. I hope you can work it out so that you are able to stay home with your little one. It would be a blessing for you both, I'm sure!

  2. I think it is absolutely precious that your dog lays in your baby room. She is going to be a good protector. =]

    I'm excited to "meet" your little baby girl, and I hope everything goes to your plan, but mostly that she is safe and healthy!