baby update: waiting.  that's what we're doing now.  i'm pretty close to 38 weeks and we'd really like our baby girl to come sometime within the week... we know she'll come when she's ready, but my doctor seems to think it'd be best for me (since i'm on the small side and baby girl is getting bigger) to have her before i hit that 40 week point.  we've been on lots of little walks and i've been bouncing away on my exercise ball.  michael laughs and smiles every time he walks in the room.  he's so ready for her to come.  it's pretty cute.

i'm really hoping to get back into the swing of blogging regularly (you're welcome Grandpa.  can't wait to see you tomorrow!)...i'm beginning to miss it.  this summer has FLOWN by and it's been kind of nice taking a bit of a break from the blog.  i haven't even spent much time on the computer and when i do i've been wasting time on pinterest. so. many. pretty. things. we've stayed pretty low key and indoors since it's so hot.

it's a very crazy/scary/fun/wonderful/ feeling knowing when i go to sleep every night that it could the night.  the night i go into labor.  who knows... the next time i blog may be announcing the arrival of my sweet little Ellie!

photo by the lovely, anna a couple of weeks ago.


  1. can't wait for her arrival!
    so excited for you all. : )

  2. I love your dress! You're going to do great. Can't wait to see her sweet face.

  3. How exciting! <3 I'm hoping for a safe delivery, and a healthy happy baby for you! =]