be back soon.

ellie reese at 3 days.

hello lovely friends!  i'll be taking a little, tiny break to soak in these newborn days. i need to feel like i can sleep when she sleeps and not have to take time (that is so precious these days) to blog.  my days have been filled with lots of kisses, cuddle time, diaper changes, and just taking in this little person God has blessed us with.

i'll probably be posting a picture or two of her... i take about a million a day. i just can't help myself.  but, that'll be it. if you follow me on instagram (lesleygordon) sorry for the baby overload.  ;)

and...thank you for all the sweet words about the birth of Ellie!

1 comment:

  1. don't apologize! i love all the photos. : )
    enjoy your well deserved break, girl.