one month.

we have a one month old baby!  and i think she's pretty great.  we're getting the hang of being new parents.  yes... sometimes i lack sleep, but it's all worth it and i absolutely adore being a momma.  somehow she's even precious when she's screaming and nothing we seem to do helps and then realize she's just super sleepy and i bounce around trying to calm her down.  she's still pretty cute when i'm changing her diaper and she decides to go a little (lot) more and it somehow manages to "squirt" across the changing table.  we love her so, so much and (i know so many people say it)...... it's hard to imagine what our life was like without her being here.  and, now i'm getting emotional. ;)

she's a newbie in the pictures. it was shortly after we came home so i still have a major "i just gave birth squishy belly" can also see that it was a bit (a lot) uncomfortable to sit down.

happy one month baby girl!  we love having you around.


  1. your little family is just so precious!
    you're making me excited to see my family of two become three. : )

  2. love this. :) so glad you are loving motherhood as well. :) not every one ends up loving it like they thought they would!
    so happy for your growing family!

  3. you look beautiful regardless!! i no knowing about babies to be honest, but you are handling being a new mom with so much grace and i am so happy for you and proud of you friend!

  4. thanks sweet girls!

    @Jen we're doing the best we can! your turn next??

  5. Your little family is so gorgeous. <3 I'm so happy for you.