7 weeks.

i've been missing this little blog... our internet has been down and we've been staying busy.  but, i'm hoping to get back blogging more than once every week or two. ;)

another instagram photo...

Ellie is 7 weeks old today.  she smiles at us!  it's the prettiest little grin i've ever seen.  it makes my heart so happy every time she looks at me and i can tell she's happy i'm there.  she is very strong and it amazes me how much control she has of her neck.  our evenings are sometimes a little crazy...especially if we've had a busy day.  she's usually pretty fussy if she gets over-tired and i'm not going to lie, it's hard to calm her sometimes!  but,  it could be WAY worse.  i actually get decent sleep and it's becoming pretty normal to wake up at 1 in the morning and again at 3 or 4 to feed her.  she sleeps in her bassinet by me and i think i'll cry when we decide to transition her into her own room... (it probably won't be for a while).  since i'm her food source i don't go too far from her.  yesterday was the first time i left the house without her... and it was to get some candy from the gas station right up the street so i was gone for maybe 5 minutes. baby steps, right?


  1. This picture is adorable! I am so happy I found your blog. I've been reading through your posts and couldn't help but smile. Your birth story is amazing. Such beautiful words. Congratulations!