story of my life these days.

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life seems to be moving at lightening speed these days, but we've also been taking things slow.  i don't know if that even really makes sense. sometimes we don't get out of bed until close to 10 because it's been one of those nights. and i have to plan when i'm going to make a trip to the store based off of when she eats or cancel plans because of a majorly fussy baby (she has a cold, poor girl).  we're still learning a lot about this new parents thing.  and, honestly, i think we're doing a pretty good job.  ellie has her moments of being over-tired and sometimes that's tiring to me.  but, then she smiles and i'm reminded of how greatly blessed we are.  and when she smiles i've noticed my cheeks hurt from grinning at her so big.  everything is wonderful and perfect in those moments.  i feel like as she grows i find a little more of who i really am.  i love being a wife and a mom.  i'm feeling more myself than ever before.  i value my relationship with Jesus, family and friends differently.  funny how 7 short weeks can show you more than almost 25 years of life.  we want to show her life.  we want to live life with her.  and sometimes we can make plans... but, for right now, most of the time we're just winging it.