picnic with friends & updates...

we recently enjoyed a picnic with Bryndi and Eisley.  she's 7 months old and such a good girl!  ellie loves to be outside and i'm so thankful for friends to spend time out in the nice weather with.  many more picnics with the Shirley girls to come!  :)

i think being a stay at home momma is the best job out there for me.  it's a good fit.

ellie was a flower girl in my sister-in-law's wedding... she was the prettiest little flower girl.  congrats to mr. and mrs. anglen... we're thrilled for you guys!

i feel so disconnected from my blogging community... which may seem silly.  but, i haven't been keeping up with my "daily reads" at all or checking in with what's going on with my readers that always leave such sweet comments.  just so you know.. if you leave me comments i always like to check out your blog and what's been going on.

 i also just started pinning again today... i hadn't done that in over a month and i found some yummy looking soup recipes perfect for fall weather.  go have a look at my "YUM" board and you won't be sorry.  soups, pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies, and s'more cookies..... yep, yum.

have i mentioned i'm SO excited for fall?  the beginning of september tricked us.  we had beautiful weather and now it's a little toasty again.  i'm ready to break out the cardigans and boots!

and there's a little update for your monday reading.

happy monday!

ellie was one month old.


  1. Okay, I know this is pretty much the last thing that I would be expected to say (since it kinda has nothing to do with your sweet post), but oh my goodness, I LOVE the quilt! I've been trying to find the perfect quilt for the nursery for our baby girl, so I guess I'm just quilt-minded lately haha.

    Adorable pictures though, and love your sweet blog!

  2. thanks carissa! i have a couple of favorite quilts that are from family. so special. but, this one is a cheap garage sale find! i think i might have paid $5 for it... which makes it perfect for picnics. good luck hunting one down!

  3. Your baby girl is so cute! I love her little outfit.

  4. Ellie is the sweetest. I love seeing her precious face in the Instagram feed! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying yourself as a stay at home momma and that things are going to well! I just recently started pinning, but oh my gosh, it is addictive!

  5. Your daughter is just so precious! I love all the pics (follower on instagram!)And girl, I totally was, and sort of still am, the same with being disconnected from blogging. When Alizah was a newborn, the very last thing on my mind was keeping up with blogging! You're doing a great job!


  6. Leslie, you look lovely as a mom :) And I really like Ellie's onesie with the crochet doily! Where did you get it?

  7. fall weather is my favorite. soup season is the best! my mom made soup for the first time this week and i was in heaven. and boots & cardigans? i've been craving them since winter ended.

  8. thanks for the kind words ladies :)

    paige: my friend, skyler, made the onsie... it's a plain white onsie with a doily stitched on. ;)

  9. Aww so adorable!!! Your little girl are so adorable!